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Role of virtual bronchoscopy in foreign body inhalation in children




To investigate the usefulness of three-dimensional images on the basis of multidetector computer tomography (MDCT) in the evaluation of suspected foreign body (FB) aspiration in children.

Patients and methods

A total of 28 children presented to Ain Shams University hospital with suspected FB inhalation. All patients underwent chest radiographs. Of the patients, eight with inconclusive history, physical examination, and negative radiograph findings for FB inhalation underwent MDCT. All patients underwent rigid bronchoscopy (RB) and the results were compared with the findings of chest radiographs and virtual bronchoscopy images.


Four patients were negative by radiography and MDCT scan, and were subjected to RB, with no FB found. The other four patients who were negative by radiography turned out to be positive by MDCT and were subjected to RB, which was positive for FB in only 3 patients. MDCT had a negative predictive value of 100%, whereas its positive predictive value was 75%.


RB should always be performed as a first-line procedure in the presence of a combination of characteristic clinical and radiographic signs. In the other patients, the presence of FB can be confirmed by MDCT in order to reduce the negative RB rate.


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