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Immunologic changes after diode laser inferior turbinoplasty in allergic rhinitis




It was suggested previously that turbinoplasty by laser improves the symptomatology of allergic rhinitis (AR) not only by a mechanical effect but also by inhibiting the local allergic reaction at the level of the inferior turbinates. The aim of this study was to determine whether the short-term immunologic effects of diode laser, when used to perform inferior turbinoplasty in AR, can also be detected at the systemic level.

Patients and methods

Twenty patients, seeking a treatment by laser for AR manifestations refractory to local and systemic medical therapy, were included in a prospective study. Blood picture, total immunoglobulin E, interleukin (IL)-4, IL-5, and interferon-γ levels were assessed immediately before and 1 month after diode laser inferior turbinoplasty (DLIT).


One month after DLIT, the total leukocytic count increased with relative eosinopenia. Total immunoglobulin E and IL-5 decreased, together with insignificant changes in IL-4 and interferon-γ.


It is not impossible that DLIT modifies the clinical course of AR not only by a mechanical effect but also by its local or even by a systemic immunologic effect. The laser modulation of T-cell functions in the engorged turbinate submucosa is a plausible biomolecular interpretation of the observed effect.


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