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Correlation of immunoglobulin E levels and peripheral eosinophilia with paranasal sinus mucosal disease




The aim of this study was to assess whether total immunoglobulin E (IgE) levels and peripheral eosinophilia correlate with the extent of sinus mucosal disease on computed tomography (CT) of paranasal sinuses.

Patients and methods

CT scans were performed; total IgE and peripheral eosinophil levels were measured for all patients. The relationships between peripheral eosinophilia, total IgE levels, and the presence of mucosal disease on sinus CT imaging were also determined.


The total IgE did not correlate with CT stage of the disease, whereas there was a significant moderate positive correlation between CT stage and peripheral eosinophil levels.


The data suggest that eosinophil levels contribute toward mucosal inflammation in paranasal sinuses and the presence of peripheral eosinophilia in patients with sinusitis indicates a high likelihood of extensive disease. However, IgE levels did not correlate with CT scan findings. Calculation of the percentage of peripheral eosinophils by measurement of the differential leukocyte count is a simple, easy, and rapid technique for assessment of the severity of chronic rhinosinusitis.


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