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Assessment of the paraglottic space in supracricoid laryngectomy




Supracricoid laryngectomy (SCL) is largely affected by invasion of the tumor into the paraglottic space.

Aim of the work

The aim of this study was to histopathologically examine whether SCL provides adequate safety margins in terms of the paraglottic space or not.

Patients and methods

A prospective study was carried out on 20 patients with advanced cancer larynx staged as T2b, T3 and cases with failed radiotherapy where SCL was performed, followed by whole-organ transverse sections of the specimens to evaluate the relation of the tumor to the paraglottic space.


The local success rate in this study was 90%; one case showed infiltrated surgical margins and the other showed local recurrence 6 months after the operation.


SCL allows for a safe enbloc resection of a malignant tumor in the larynx with complete resection of the paraglottic space. A safety margin of at least 4 mm is needed to eradicate the tumor as revealed by the whole-organ section technique.


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