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Hairy polyp of the nasopharynx, an unusual presentation, a case report and literature review


We report a rare tumor of the nasopharynx with an unusual presentation in a 15-year-old female: the teratoid or hairy polyp. Hairy polyps are rare benign congenital tumors that present at birth or shortly after. Usually, they arise from the ectoderm and endoderm. Their presence in older individuals is unusual. Their clinical presentation depends on the site and size. Our patient presented late with nasal obstruction, snoring, and mouth breathing, and the clinical examination indicated a nasopharyngeal mass. The tumor was removed without complications and the histopathology was consistent with hairy polyp. In this short communication, we raised awareness of such a rarity of nasopharyngeal mass that has to be suspected in pediatric age group. A review of this unusual malformation will be included. We believe, after a computerized literature search, that this is the first report of its kind from the Arabian Peninsula.


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