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The value of intraoperative facial nerve monitoring and preoperative FNAC in superficial parotidectomy: facial nerve morbidity outcome


Intraoperative use of nerve integrity monitors has been advocated to enhance nerve identification. We evaluate the impact of two controversial procedures used in surgical management of parotid tumors on postoperative facial nerve morbidity in University Kebangsaan Medical Centre, Malaysia: fine needle aspiration cytology and continuous facial monitoring using a nerve integrity monitor (NIM). This is a retrospective study on 15 cases of superficial parotidectomy performed during a 2-year period (2008–2010). In our opinion, using an NIM is optional for parotid tumors of the superficial lobe; however, performing preoperative fine needle aspiration cytology and using an NIM may help operative planning and improve medical education in a teaching hospital.


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