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Sinus involvement in cases of rhinoscleroma: a cause of antibiotic resistance and early recurrence after medical treatment




To investigate the true incidence of sinus infection in cases of rhinoscleroma, and the possible role of reinfection from the sinuses to explain recurrence and resistant to treatment in cases of scleroma.

Materials and methods

Twenty-five patients with histologically proved granular rhinoscleroma were included in this cohort prospective study.

Results and conclusion

More than one-third of the cases of rhinoscleroma in our series were associated with histologically proved sinus lesions, and these sinus-positive lesions were associated with resistance to standard medical treatment and with early recurrence.


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Atef, A., Talaat, N., El Farouk, A. et al. Sinus involvement in cases of rhinoscleroma: a cause of antibiotic resistance and early recurrence after medical treatment. Egypt J Otolaryngol 28, 8–11 (2012).

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  • chronic sinusitis
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