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Comparison of triamcinolone and mitomycin C nasal pack in functional endoscopic sinus surgery: a randomized, clinical trial


Aims and Objectives

Synechia formation in a postoperative nasal cavity is a major factor for suboptimal clinical outcome in functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS). Nasal packs medicated with steroids like triamcinolone and topical agents like mitomycin C have been shown to reduce the formation of synechiae in postoperative patients. This study attempts to compare the efficacy of mitomycin C and triamcinoloneimpregnated nasal pack in the prevention of crusting and synechiae formation in patients undergoing FESS.


Ninety-eight consenting patients with chronic rhinosinusitis were randomized into two groups of 49 each to receive either triamcinolone-impregnated or mitomycin C-impregnated nasal pack after FESS. Blinded, postoperative endoscopic examination was done at the first and third week and at first and third month and scoring was done according to the Lund Kennedy scoring system. The primary variable for assessing the outcome was synechiae formation in the postoperative period, while reduction of crusting, discharge, mucosal edema, polypoidal mucosal changes, and maintenance of ostial patency were secondary variables.


Significant reduction in synechiae formation and crusting at 3 months duration was found in the group receiving triamcinolone nasal pack as compared with mitomycin C nasal pack. Mitomycin C was found to significantly reduce crusting in the first postoperative week. Positive trends in reduction of discharge, mucosal edema, polypoidal changes, and in maintenance of patency of ostia were observed in both the groups, but there was no significant difference between the two groups.


These results suggest that triamcinolone has a long-term effect in the reduction of synechia formation and crusting in post-FESS patients as compared with mitomycin C, though similar effects were seen in both groups in the immediate postoperative period.


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