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Migratory abscess of the middle ear resulting from an odontogenic infection: an unusual case report


Infections of odontogenic origin are the commonly encountered diseases in their routine practice by head and neck specialists. Their spread to adjacent fascial spaces may follow as sequelae of untreated odontogenic infections, along a predictable route. Unusually, these infections may follow an uncommon path for the spread and may appear at a distant site in contrast to the site of infection, resulting in the formation of a ‘migratory abscess’. This case report is entitled to present an unusual and rare case of migratory abscess of the right middle ear in a 20-year old male patient, occurring as sequelae of an odontogenic infection in the right lower second molar and to explain a possible route of transmission of infection in this challenging case presentation.


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  • middle ear infection
  • migratory abscess
  • odontogenic infection
  • otitis media