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Ectopic third molar in maxillary sinus: an asymptomatic accidental finding


Ectopic tooth eruption in maxillary sinus is rare. Ectopic eruption in maxillary sinus usually causes sinonasal or ophthalmic symptoms, but asymptomatic cases are less reported. A 26-year-old man was referred to take a presurgical implant cone beam computed tomography of his anterior part of maxilla. The cone beam computed tomography projections showed an accidental finding of ectopic maxillary third molar in the posterior portion of left maxillary sinus. The patient did not report any history of swelling or pain. Although the patient was asymptomatic, the impacted tooth was removed because of the tendency of untreated impacted teeth to form cyst or tumor. The tooth was removed through Caldwell-Luc procedure.


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