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The role of rigid bronchoscopy in pediatric foreign body aspiration



Foreign bodies (FBs) in the airway continue to be a diagnostic and therapeutic challenge. In the present study, we present our experience in the evaluation and management of children with suspected FB aspiration.


The aim was to study children with suspected FB aspiration regarding clinical presentation, evaluation, and management.

Patients and methods

Fifty patients were included in the study during the period from January 2016 to April 2017. Our study was a retrospective analytical study including analysis of the preoperative, operative, postoperative, and follow-up patients’ data.


Most of the studied patients (66%) were between one and less than 3 years. FB was found in right (RT) bronchus in 25 patients (50%). Seeds were found in most of the studied patients (62.5%).


History and clinical suspicion are crucial for the diagnosis of pediatric FB aspiration.


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