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Clinical and histopathological study of a rare sinonasal glomangiopericytoma: a case report


A 42 year old female patient visited our clinic with reports of a 5 month history of progressive nasal obstruction, associated later with decreased smell sensitivity and left ear block. Routine rhinoscopic and endoscopic examinations revealed a greyish polypoid mass of the left nasal cavity. CT showed a hypervascular mass lesion obliterating the left nasal cavity which was compressing the medial wall of the ipsilateral maxillary sinus. MRI confirmed CT findings of a hypervascular lesion, with MRA identifying the left internal maxillary artery branch as the mainfeeding vessel. Endoscopic surgical excision was performed, with preoperative embolization done prior to excision, to reduce intra-operative blood loss and facilitate complete excision. Histopathology confirmed sinsonasal glomangipericytoma. The patient did not present with any of the known predisposing risk factors and the etiology of the tumor remains unknown. Although it is thought that the incidence of recurrence is low following complete excision, the reported recurrence of 9.5% to 50% necessitates life long follow up.


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