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Assessment of the nasal obstruction after endoscopic septoplasty compared with conventional technique by computed tomography and Nasal Surgical Questionnaire



Nasal obstruction is a common annoying symptom of septal deviation, and endoscopic septoplasty gives better illumination and accurate vision, and hence can provide markedly good dealing with posterior deviations, isolated spurs, and high deviations. Computed tomography (CT) scan and Nasal Surgical Questionnaire (NSQ) are important for accurate postoperative follow-up.


The aim of this study was to express our experience in the assessment of the nasal obstruction after endoscopic septoplasty compared with conventional septoplasty in patients with nasal septum deviation by measuring the size of the inferior turbinate with CT scan and measuring patient satisfaction by NSQ score.

Patients and Methods

This was prospective study of 100 patients, complaining mainly of nasal obstruction. They were divided into two groups: group A, who underwent endoscopic septoplasty, and group B, who underwent conventional septoplasty. All the patients underwent septoplasty alone without inferior turbinate surgery. Preoperative and postoperative CT scan and NSQ were the basic documentation for the results.


Endoscopic septoplasty showed a better reduction in nasal obstruction than conventional septoplasty; however, the postoperative reduction on the size of the inferior turbinate and NSQ score were highly significant in both groups (P=0.001).


Both endoscopic and conventional septoplasty without turbinate surgery in patients with nasal septum deviation were effective in improving the nasal obstruction. However, endoscopic septoplasty had better results in improving nasal obstruction.


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  • conventional septoplasty
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