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Formaldehyde-treated temporofascial graft versus cartilage graft in repairing failed tympanic membrane grafting



The aim of this study was to compare the anatomical and functional outcomes of grafting the tympanic membrane (TM) – that is, previously failed grafting – by two graft materials: the first was formaldehyde-treated temporalis fascia graft (FTFG) and the second was tragal cartilage composite graft. Graft-take, hearing results, and complications were compared.

Patients and methods

The present study included 36 patients with chronic suppurative otitis media with recurrent TM perforation. Nineteen patients received tragal cartilage graft, and 17 patients received the FTFG. For each patient, history taking and complete general and ENT examinations were performed. Graft-take, preoperative and postoperative pure tone average, air–bone gap, and tympanometry scores were calculated and compared.

Statistical analysis

Data entry and data analysis were carried out using statistical package for social science version 19.

Results and conclusion

The present study showed that for repairing TM grafting, cartilage graft and FTFG were comparable in both graft-take and hearing results. The FTFG reflected the true configuration of tympanometry. It can be used in cases where the cartilage graft is previously consumed.


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