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Kimura’s disease of the tongue: a new case report


Kimura’s disease (KD), a chronic inflammatory disease of uncertain etiology, manifests as a painless subcutaneous swelling mostly in the head and neck region that involves major salivary glands and regional lymph nodes. To date, the majority of cases of KD have been documented in Asian men aged 20–40 years. However, the number of reported cases of KD involving the oral and maxillofacial area is limited, and since the masses appear similar to cysts or benign tumors, the establishment of an accurate preoperative diagnosis is challenging. The accurate diagnosis of KD is considered to require surgical excision followed by histopathological examination. In this case report, we present a case of KD affecting the ventral surface of the tongue, a unique site of the disease that is not reported earlier according to our knowledge.


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  • angiolymphoid hyperplasia
  • kimura
  • rare tongue lesion