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Endoscopic endonasal prelacrimal recess approach for antrochoanal polyp



The purpose of this study was to assess the effectiveness of endoscopic transnasal prelacrimal recess approach (ETPRA) in preventing the recurrence of antrochoanal polyps.

Patients and methods

A total of 32 patients with antrochoanal polyp were divided into two equal groups: group 1 included 16 patients who underwent endoscopic middle meatal antrostomy (EMMA), and group 2 included 16 patients who underwent a combined surgical technique using EMMA together with ETPRA. They were followed up from 24 to 36 months. Success rates for visualization of the origin of the polyps, surgical complications, and recurrence were evaluated.


The most common symptoms were nasal obstruction (100%), snoring (75%), rhinorrhea (59.38%), headache (96.88%), and hyposmia (53.13%). The study found that postoperative complications varied between both groups. Recurrence was found in 18.75% in EMMA group and 0% in ETPRA group. They were statistically significant (P<0.05). However, nasolacrimal duct injury was found in two patients in ETPRA group, and postoperative lacrimation presented in only one (6.25%) patient of the same group. They were statistically insignificant (P>0.05).


Recurrence rate of antrochoanal polyp has been reduced with the usage of ETPRA in comparison with EMMA alone.


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