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Spontaneous rupture of hemorrhagic thyroid nodules causing extensive laryngopharyngeal, neck, and chest hematoma


We report a rare case of spontaneous rupture of a thyroid nodule causing extensive soft tissue hematoma involving the laryngopharyngeal, neck, and chest regions in a 41-year-old healthy woman. Spontaneous hematoma secondary to a thyroid nodule is a rare occurrence. Hematoma usually tends to be secondary to blunt cervical trauma, fine needle aspiration for cytology, and usage of anticoagulants such as heparin or warfarin. It is crucial to assess the patient’s condition and airway in managing a case of spontaneous hematoma secondary to a ruptured thyroid nodule as this would determine the subsequent management. In this case, the patient presented with no obstructive signs or symptoms, and thus was managed conservatively. The hematoma subsequently resolved spontaneously.


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  • chest hematoma
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  • neck hematoma
  • thyroid hemorrhage
  • thyroid nodule