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Role of septoplasty in reducing the incidence of comorbidities associated with elevated levels of mean platelet volume




The aim of this study was to analyze the effect of septoplasty on mean platelet volume (MPV) levels in patients with marked nasal septal deviation (MNSD).

Setting and design

This is a prospective study that was carried out in a Government Medical College and Hospital.

Materials and methods

A total of 50 patients were selected after proper history and examination.

Statistical analysis

The data entries were entered into SPSS software and the paired t-test was applied.


Data obtained from preoperative and postoperative blood investigation were analyzed and it was statistically proved that, after septoplasty, the MPV was significantly lowered in patients who had MNSD.


Septoplasty plays an important role in reducing the MPV value in cases with MNSD, and thus other comorbid conditions can be prevented by performing septoplasty in these patients.


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