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A rare pediatric malignant neck mass: Synovial sarcoma


Synovial sarcomas are rare soft tissue sarcomas that typically seen in the periarticular region and predominantly located in the extremities. It most commonly affects young adults of the second to fourth decade. Head and neck synovial sarcomas are uncommon and carry a poor prognosis. In the head and neck region, tumor is localized laterally in the parapharyngeal space often. The tumor can spread loco -regionally and systemically easily, so it makes management challenging. Herein, we report a case of a 12-year-old child with a synovial sarcoma located in the right parapharyngeal space of the neck. The lesion extended from parapharyngeal space to subglottic level of the neck and it fills the parapharyngeal space and compresses the major vascular, laryngeal and neural structures.


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