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The positive correlation between migraine and vertigo: a review


Many studies have focused on understanding the correlation between migraine and vertigo. It has resulted in the emergence of several theoretical perspectives on these two conditions, attempting to explain the connection between them. This paper explores a wide range of research publications on migraine and vertigo in order to present a comprehensive perspective on the correlation. Distinctive analysis of each theory facilitates a clear understanding of each in connection with migraine and vertigo; these theoretical perspectives include (a) sensory exaggerations, (b) low blood pressure, (c) ear disorders, and (d) vascular complications (i.e. stroke, neurotransmitter changes, and cerebellar disturbances). There is an established link between Meniere’s disease, migraine, and vertigo. Through an analysis of results from various studies, the paper explores the relationship between Meniere’s disease and migraine. A better understanding of migraine and vertigo is also vital in identifying the conditions, diagnosis, and selection of appropriate treatment options.


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