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Central mucoepidermoid carcinoma of the mandible: a rare case report with diagnostic dilemma and review of the literature




Primary central mucoepidermoid carcinoma of jaws is a rare lesion comprising 2–3% of all mucoepidermoid carcinomas reported in the literature. It affects the mandible as unilocular or multilocular radiographic lesions.

Case report

The case presented here is that of a 55-year-old woman with expansile osteolytic lesion of the mandible who was managed with en-bloc resection considering ameloblastoma as preoperative diagnosis.


Mucoepidermoid carcinoma of the jaw is a rare tumour. The speculation on its aetiopathogenesis is mainly centered on the pluripotential capabilities of the epithelial lining of odontogenic cysts.


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  • intraosseous mucoepidermoid carcinoma
  • mandible
  • odontogenic epithelium