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Endoscopic evaluation of the patency of the aditus in tubotympanic type of chronic suppurative otitis media




Endoscopic evaluation of the aditus in tubo-tympanic chronic suppurative otitis media (CSOM).

Study design

Prospective escriptive study.


This study carried out on 50 patients presenting with inactive tubo-tympanic CSOM with only mild or moderate conductive hearing loss, attending the Alexandria university hospital (tertiary referral center). Tympanoplasty was done for all patients. The patency and dimensions of the aditus were assessed by performing antral window through which 30Ί endoscope was introduced. Biopsy was taken from unhealthy mucosa to detect the presence of hidden cholesteatoma or granulation tissue.


Ten out of 50 (20%) patients had blocked aditus. The dimensions of the aditus were measured. Biopsy taken from these cases revealed a granulation tissue in all cases. No hidden cholesteatoma was detected.


In inactive tubo-tympanic CSOM with mild or moderate conductive hearing, the aditus was not always patent. It was obstructed in 20% of our study.


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