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Assessment of nasal tip projection




The aim of this study was to compare Goode’s and Byrd’s method in objectively assessing nasal tip projection.

Materials and methods

This study included 20 patients from the ENT outpatient clinic, Cairo university hospital, who underwent augmentation tip rhinoplasty, closed technique, using Sheen graft, during the period from January 2008 until December 2011. Two objective methods, Goode’s method and Byrd’s method, were used to assess nasal tip projection preoperatively and postoperatively.


There was statistically significant difference between the gain in projection by Goode’s method compared with Byrd’s method. The mean gain in projection was 11.6 using Goode’s method, whereas it was only 9.55 when measured by Byrd’s method. Goode’s method correlated more with patients’ and surgeon’s subjective assessment and satisfaction.


In our study, Goode’s method proved to be more accurate in representing the final outcome compared with Byrd’s method in the Egyptian population.


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Correspondence to Fadi M. Gharib MD.

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