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A clinicopathological study of masses arising from sinonasal tract and nasopharynx in north Bengal population with special reference to neoplasms




Various masses arise from sinonasal tract and nasopharynx, which are embryologically distinct.

Aims and objectives

A cross-sectional study for 1 year in a tertiary care hospital was carried out.

Materials and methods

Either incisional biopsy or surgical excision sample with proper history and imaging was collaborated.


The total percentage of these tumors during the 1-year period was 3.52%. A total of four nonspecific lesions, 49 non-neoplastic masses, 17 benign neoplastic masses, and 24 malignant neoplastic masses were found.


Non-neoplastic masses were the majority in number (52.12%). Among the neoplastic masses (43.61%), malignant neoplasms constituted 25.53%, a vast majority being nasopharyngeal carcinomas. Immunohistochemistry further helped to differentiate undifferentiated carcinomas into epithelial and lymphoid malignancies.


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