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Castleman’s disease



Background and Aims

Castleman’s disease is a rare disease of lymph node with two identified forms — the hyaline vascular type or angiofollicular type and plasma cell type. It usually presents as localized or systemic lymphadenopathy or even as extra nodal mass and may give rise to several differential diagnoses. Fine needle aspiration cytology (FNAC), as the initial investigation, may be misleading. Excision biopsy usually gives the diagnosis.

Materials and Methods

We report a case of an 8 year old male child who was Presented with a history of a slowly growing mass in his right side of neck for 3 yrs. He Was largely asymptomatic except for occasional discomfort around the mass. His past medical and family history was non-specific. On examination a non-tender, firm mass Was palpated. Initially Clinically suspected to be lymphoma, but was later histologically confirmed to have Castleman’s disease.


We had one case of Castleman’s disease which presented as cervical lymphadenopathy of 3 FNx01 2 cms in 8 year child. Patient was mostly asymptomatic with all relevant investigations within normal limits. The cytology findings mostly showed a predominance of small lymphocytes with capillary fragments. On excision biopsy, the case was diagnosed as Castleman’s disease of the hyaline vascular type.


Castleman’s disease should be kept as a differential of lymphadenopathy, especially in asymptomatic and young patients.


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Correspondence to Ashraf A. Kasem MB.Ch B, MS, MRCS (ENT) (Glasg) DO-HNS (Glasg).

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None declared.

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