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Chitosan patch scaffold for repair of chronic safe tympanic membrane perforation




This study was designed to evaluate the performances of chitosan patch myringoplasty in patients with small and medium sized chronic safe tympanic membrane (T.M) perforations.

Patients and methods

After preparation of the chitosan patch scaffold (CPS), 60 consecutive dry small and medium sized(from <3 mm up to 5 mm) central tympanic membrane perforations were included in this study.


Healing of T.M perforations was achieved in 14 out of 19 in small perforations (73.68%) and 25 out of 41 in medium sized perforations (60.97%) also significant improvement of hearing and tinnitus were achieved post-operatively.


Myringoplasty by water insoluble chitosan patch scaffold with 3% chitosan and 3% glycerol is easy, safe and quick method. It can be done in outpatient clinic without risk of general anesthesia and with noticeable reduction in the time of operation.


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