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Study of the epidemiology and management of laryngeal cancer in Kasr Al-Aini Hospital




Epidemiological study of laryngeal cancer and modalities of treatment according to TNM classification.


Retrospective study was conducted on 295 patients who were admitted at the Otolaryngology-Head and Neck surgery department, Kasr-Al Aini hospital, Cairo University during the period from Jan 2009 till Dec 2011. It was done on cases of laryngeal cancers and included study of the epidemiology (age, gender, residence and smoking) and modalities of treatment according to TNM classification.


The mean age was (57.6 ± 10.5) ranging from (22 to 87) years old. Males were 93.9% while females were 6.1%, smokers were (254) 86.1% of 295 patient. In this study, the treatment modalities for primary tumor were: surgery alone, chemo-radiotherapy, surgery and postoperative radiotherapy and radiotherapy alone as well as neck dissection for lymph node control. The surgeries performed included 160 total laryngectomies, 47 partial (39 supracricoid, 4 supraglottic and 4 vertical) laryngectomies and 18 transoral endoscopic laser surgery selected according to the site and stage of the primary tumor. For lymph node control: 84 selective neck dissection, 8 radical or modified radical neck dissection and 13 combined.


Total laryngectomy was the most common modality of treatment for primary tumors as the majority of cases presented at late stages. For lymph node control, the selective neck dissection was the commonest treatment as most of the patients had N0 and N1 lymph node.


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