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Effect of nasal obstruction surgery on middle ear ventilation




The purpose of this study was to reveal the role of nasal surgeries in changing Eustachian tube function (ETF) and middle ear ventilation.


This prospective study involved 30 patients with diffrent nasal pathologies causing nasal obstruction. The patients were subjected to diffrent nasal surgeries for treating their nasal obstruction. ETF tests in the form of (Valsalva and Toynbee manuvers) together with tympanometery were performed the day before the operation, and then repeated 30 days after removal of the nasal packs. Pre and postoperative Valsalva and Toynbee tubal function tests, tympanometery and ear fullness sensation were evaluated for both ears of each patient.


Preoperatively, 47 (78.3%) ears were type A, 24 ears of them had poor ETF and 23 ears had good ETF. Thirteen (21.6%) ears were type C, all of them had poor ETF. The postoperative results of ETF tests were significantly better than preoperative results (P < 0.002). Significant improvement in tympanometeric values was also found (P < 0.05). Preoperatively, 28 patients (93.3%) had sensation of ear fullness. At 30 days after removal of nasal packs, 20 patients (66.7%) still had sensation of ear fullness, with significant improvement (P < 0.001).


We suggest that nasal obstruction has a definite relationship with EFT. Surgery for nasal obstruction has a favorable effect on the middle ear pressure and EFT. Type A tympanogram not always means a good EFT but the patient may have poor EFT with Eustachian tybe dysfunction inspite of type (A) tympanogram.


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