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Effect of chitosan on bone restoration in nasal bone defect: An experimental study




The aim of this work was to study the effect of chitosan in restoration of bone defect (an experimental study).

Materials and methods

The study included 54 male guinea pigs. Nasal bone defect was done. The experimental animals were divided into a control group (group A), calcium sulfate group (group B), and chitosan-coated calcium sulfate group (group C). Three-dimensional computed tomography and histological examination were carried out at intervals of 1, 2, and 3 months for measuring the change in the size of the bone defect and confirmation of bone formation, respectively.


The decrease in the size of the bone defect was significant in group C than in groups A and B. Also, histological results showed formation of woven bone after 1 month in groups B and C and formation of lamellar bone in group C in the second month, whereas the lamellar bone was formed in group B in the third month.


Radiological and histological studies showed that the new bone formation on defected nasal bone was more in group C. These findings suggest that chitosan is very effective in early bone formation.


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