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Office-based laryngeal procedures: An integrated approach


The surgical management of superficial epithelial diseases of the vocal folds was primarily performed in the surgeon’s office in the 19th century and in the operating room in the 20th century.

In 2001, the office-based treatment for routine management of laryngeal papillomatosis and dysplasia under local anesthesia was used by Zeitels and colleagues. Office-based procedures were revisited once again and the scope was widened as the years passed

This technique is relatively new, but it holds distinct advantages over the traditional operating room-based approach.

In this editorial article we are describing office based laryngeal procedures as an integrated approvals between phoneticians and diagnosis with special emphasis on our experience in office based laryngeal procedure in Cairo university.


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  • office based laryngeal procedure
  • injection laryngoplasty
  • vocal fold paralysis