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Effect of chronic renal failure on voice: an acoustic and aerodynamic analysis




This study was conducted to investigate the effect of chronic renal failure (CRF) on acoustic and aerodynamic parameters of voice and to compare the results with a group of individuals with normal renal function.


The participants in this study were divided into two groups. A clinical group (the patient group) consisted of 66 adults diagnosed as having CRF (26 male patients and 40 female patients), with their age ranging from 19 to 68 years. The control group consisted of 66 healthy adults (36 male individuals and 30 female individuals). Their age ranged from 20 to 60 years and they did not have any impairment in renal function or any complaints concerning their voice. All participants underwent evaluation of their voice acoustically and aerodynamically. Acoustic analysis was performed using computerized speech lab. The acoustic parameters studied include average pitch, jitter, shimmer, and noise-to-harmonic ratio. Aerodynamic analysis was performed using Aerophone II Model 6800. The aerodynamic parameters studied include vital capacity, maximum phonation time, phonation quotient, mean flow rate, subglottic pressure, and glottal efficiency. The data were analyzed using the independent t-test to compare the significance of difference between means across the two groups.


In acoustic analysis, there was a significant increase in pitch in male patients with CRF and an increase in shimmer with borderline significance in the total group with CRF. The total group as well as the female subgroup with CRF showed a significant increase in noise-to-harmonic ratio. With respect to the aerodynamic analysis, the total group as well as the male and female subgroups with CRF showed a significant decrease in the vital capacity. There was also a significant decrease in the maximum phonation time in the total and female subgroup with CRF.


Participants with CRF exhibit clinical evidence of voice disorders both acoustically and aerodynamically. Hence, the present study sheds light on the interplay of different body systems and laryngeal muscles.


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