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Histopathological study of hypertrophic inferior turbinate



Aim of Work

In the present study, indications, outcomes, and complications of partial inferior turbinectomy were studied, along with histopathological analysis of the resected turbinate.


A total of 20 patients with inferior turbinate hypertrophy were evaluated before and after surgery.


Clinical evaluation of partial turbinectomy showed that 100% of patients were relieved of their symptoms either completely or partially. None of the patients experienced a worsening of their symptoms after surgery. Complications of this surgery are also fewer and patients can be managed conservatively either by regular follow-up or through proper postoperative instructions. Histopathological evaluation of the turbinate specimens revealed both mucosa and bone as being contributors toward hypertrophy in allergic rhinitis patients more than in patients with inferior turbinate hypertrophy with a deviated nasal septum.


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