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Orbital complications of sinus origin: diagnosis, differential diagnosis, and management




The aim of this study was to propose a proper and standardized protocol for the management of patients diagnosed with orbital complications of sinus origin. This depends on the original clinical diagnosis, or as the patient sent from the ophthalmology department, after computerized tomography, and sometimes pathology, some cases proved to be of nonsinus origin.

Materials and methods

This is a retrospective study that included 62 patients diagnosed with orbital complications of sinus origin and treated in the last 8 years; the data collected included medical history, detailed examination including endoscopic findings, radiological results, and finding at surgical intervention if performed. Follow-up data were collected for at least 6 months after management.


Sinusitis of different etiologies can affect the orbit, affection is not always by direct extension, and the orbit may also be affected by noninfectious lesions from the sinuses.


Proper management of orbital complications of sinusitis requires meticulous assessment of history, examination, and radiology for a proper diagnosis without delay that may adversely affect vision.


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