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Table 9 Reliability assessment of used questions

From: Relation between exposure to different multimedia programs and presentation of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

  Cronbach’s alpha if item is deleted
What are the types of multimedia the child is exposed to? 0.813
When did the child start to be exposed to multimedia? 0.706
What are the kinds of programs the child watches? 0.844
How many hours is the child exposed to multimedia per day? 0.583
Does the child set alone during multimedia engagement any one sets with the child during the multimedia engagement? 0.659
What does the child do during using multimedia? 0.559
Does the child have a TV set, tablet, or mobile in his bedroom? 0.667
Does the child ignore imitating games or songs he watches? 0.665
Does the child prefer using multimedia over playing with others? 0.636
Does the child insist on watching the same thing over and over? 0.668
Do the parents have a hard time disengaging the child? 0.641