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Table 4 The internal consistency of the seven scales of ECSAC

From: The early communicative skills among a sample of Egyptian infants and toddlers

Dimension Questions r
Passive joint attention Q1 0.838*
Q2 0.816*
Q3 0.776*
Q4 0.749*
Active joint attention Q5 0.791*
Q6 0.852*
Q7 0.769*
Q8 0.838*
Gesture use scale Q9 0.758*
Q10 0.898*
Q11 0.777*
Q12 0.785*
Expressive language scale Q13 0.754*
Q14 0.781*
Q15 0.764*
Receptive language scale Q16 0.899*
Q17 0.857*
Object use scale Q18 0.788*
Q19 0.827*
Q20 0.880*
Social interaction scale Q21 0.759*
Q22 0.765*
Q23 0.787*
  1. The table shows the correlation co-efficiency between each scale subitems and the total scale score. Results denoting that there is a strong correlation between each scale total score and its subitem score
  2. r Pearson correlation, r* is an indication of strong correlation