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Table 3 The correlation between the scores of each item of the checklist and total

From: The early communicative skills among a sample of Egyptian infants and toddlers

Dimensions Cronbach’s α
Shared positive affect and shared attention 0.808
Initiation of joint attention 0.815
Gesture use score 0.856
Expressive language score 0.816
Language comprehension score 0.765
Object use score 0.837
Social interaction score 0.863
  1. The table shows the reliability co-efficiency between each scale score and the total scale score. The correlation is significant between all of the scale score and the total score. Such result is denoting inter-correlation between the checklist scales
  2. Acceptable when α ≥ 0.7 and < 0.8
  3. Good when ɑ ≥ 0.8 and < 0.9
  4. Excellent when ɑ ≥ 0.9